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Pralle’s Wash City has offered the convenience of the WashCard System since we opened in 1996.  WashCard is the easiest way to wash your vehicle without the hassles of quarters and paper bills. 
The new version is even better than before, there will be readers in all of the self-serve bays and the automatics and even the pet wash and the same reader will also take credit and debit cards.

Prepaid cards can be purchased and recharged at the wash on Hwy 65 in Hampton.  All prepaid cards are free of fees and include a 10% bonus when purchasing and recharging.
    Spend $20 and get $22
    Spend $50 and get $55
They can also be recharged online when you register your card at our website.

Fleet cards are available for businesses with multiple vehicles and can be billed on a monthly basis.